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Call your Weaver and set out on a journey to explore ancient dungeons, solve puzzles, challenge quirky creatures and unravel the great mysteries of a long forgotten past!

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Weaving Tides is being developed by Follow The Feathers and Published by Crytivo.

Please note that this is a beta demo of Weaving Tides. A lot will be added and improved throughout Weaving Tides’ development. If you stumble upon a bug or have some suggestions on how to improve your experience don’t hesitate to post in our Discord or contact us: support@followfeathers.com We highly recommend using a controller for the best gaming experience!

Coming to Switch

Weaving through the world has such a good feel when played with a joystick. So what better platform than the Nintendo Switch for this cozy experience? We look forward to the day that players are able to wrap themselves in a warm blanket and play Weaving Tides from the comfort of their couch or while laying in bed.


Q: Where do I find the controls? 

A: To open the controls overview press Start (with controller) or Esc/Space (on keyboard) then navigate to Options → Controls to see which possibilities you have.

Q: The game is running on low FPS, how can I increase the performance? 

A: 1. When you start the game choose Lowest for Graphics Quality. 2. Go to the Options menu in game, to Graphics and select Lock FPS On (30 fps). 3. When you start the game reduce your Screen resolution. And if you like to try out Windowed mode.

Q: Are we allowed to stream the beta demo? 

A: Yes please go ahead! Also let us know when you're streaming, so we can give you a shoutout on our social media channels.

More questions? Join our Discord server and get in touch with us

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It's just great, but I can't play a whole lot due to my computer's limitations. Can't wait for it to come out on console, I would adore relaxing with this game on Switch.

Thank you for your kind words! 


looks very cool!


Very beautiful game.

Thank you!


Great! relaxing and cute game, it's very therapeutic


Thanks for checking it out and making a video!

Your welcome =] . . . .  I made a part 2, really enjoying the game


I really love the concept and I'm genuinly excited for the release on switch

That's so great to hear! Thank you for the kind words!


can ı play it with ps3 controller

(1 edit)

It should work, but it can depend on how you connect the ps3 controller.
I do not have a ps3 controller at hand to test it on my own.

If it doesn't work, there could be a workaround for all games using Steam. Steam supports a lot of controller setups and let you configure them in the big picture mode.
You can add non-steam games to your library and start them with Steam.


Can't wait to get this on my switch! :D


Yay!! :D


Excellent game with interesting mechanics, I love the warm tones of the graphics too! Looking forward to your full release. 

Thank you! A lot of love has gone into this game :)


Looks interesting.

Thank you!




Amazing game dev :D 


Hi! Thanks so much for playing and sharing the video. We're happy you enjoyed it : )